How To Have a Happy, Prosperous Arab World


By Dr. Thomas S. McCall

Abraham Leaves Canaan for The Promise Land Artist Unknown

Abraham Leaves Canaan for The Promise Land Artist Unknown

God said to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: “I will bless those that bless you and curse anyone who curses you.” (Genesis 12:3)  By and large, the Arabs have tried cursing the Jewish people and Israel for the last 65 years and more, and what has it gotten them?  With the exception of some corrupt oil Sheikdoms most of the Arab world lives in abject poverty and despair, locked in third world status and misery.

Why not try the blessing option?  What if the Arabs said to Israel, “Welcome back to your ancient homeland!  Come back to your small sliver of land with 7 or so million Jews surrounded by 22 Arab countries with over 200 million people stretching from West Africa to Afghanistan.  Let us build the Middle East into a new area of harmony and prosperity.  Let us learn together how to make our deserts blossom like a rose with the advanced irrigation methods you are developing.  With peace, our region could become one of the greatest tourist attractions of the world, with people traveling in secure safety to visit the origins of civilization featuring Jerusalem, Egypt, Babylon, Damascus and Nineveh.”

How would God respond to such an open invitation by the Arabs to Israel?  I believe God would fulfill His promise to bless the Arab world for blessing Israel in ways we cannot even imagine.  How would the Jewish people respond?  They would be overjoyed at the prospects of long hoped for peace with their neighbors, and the flood gates of cooperation and prosperity would open wide.

Is this scenario likely to happen?  Sadly, no.  The Arab hatred of Israel runs so deep that the idea of such a radical reversal of attitude seems beyond the scope of reasonable expectation.  Nevertheless, miracles have happened before in the affairs of nations, and what seems impossible with man is possible with God.  Let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Written by Thomas S. McCall Th.D.


Artwork posted by Daniel E. Woodhead

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